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The average vehicle wrap is seen 40,000 times per month
Return on Investment
Vehicle wrapping has unbeatable Return On Investment, marketing and advertising benefits! A truly cost effective way to turn your car, truck, van, boat or 18 wheeler into a professional and high impact mobile advertisement. 
Flexible Wrap Packages
Vehicle wraps can be applied to all forms of vehicles. With partial, complete and mixed packaged wraps available, Pro Signs has something to offer for virtually every business budget. 
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Full Wraps
Partial Wraps
Ask for Specialty Vinyls!

 We offer a wide variety of      materials and specialty 
 Vinyls such as:

  • Metallic - Shimmers
  • MattesGloss
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Reflective vinyls - Foils
  • Perforated - Frosted
  • Dusted - Fluoresents
  • Textured - Brush Metal
  • and more!
Our Services
  • Car wraps
  • Truck Wraps
  • Van Wraps
  • Rv Wraps
  • Bus Wraps
  • Trailer Wraps
  • Boat Wraps
  • Motorcycle Wraps
  • Arquitectural Wraps
  • Air Plane Wraps
  • Fleet Wraps

Color Change Wraps
Here At Pro Signs,
 we take pride in our wraps. 
We help you every step of the way so you get exactly what you want. Look at our gallery below to see our work, and to request a quote and proof.
Contact us for a quote, or design, or if you have any questions or need advice.
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We do work for any place in Utah County, sometimes further too.

Wraping the company vehicle? 
What would you like?

Be Sure to:
  • Tell us the make and model of your vehicle (or Measurments)
  •  How much of it you want wraped (see diagram to the left),
  • Send us the company logo or designs,
  • Number of vehicles or Specialty vinyls you need,
  • When you need it by

All of these will help us get you your proof and quote, fast!

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Vehicle Wraps
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Color Change Wraps

Many people are choosing to wrap their vehicle instead of repainting it. The costs can be comparable and vehicles can be wrapped with different specialty vinyls. One of the most important benefits is the amount of time it takes to wrap vs. the time and effort to paint a vehicle. For a quality paint job your car could be out of use for up to two weeks, whereas when you wrap your car it can be returned in two days.

What are all the benefits of car wrapping vs. painting?

Protection of paint
Ability to change color/make car unique
Resale Value of the vehicle
Lack of downtime for vehicle
Textured films cannot be replicated by paint

Wrapping Options

The options are endless when it comes to wrapping a vehicle. You can do accents, such as mirrors, door handles and windows, or full vehicle color changes.

With a partial wrap, merge existing colors into the design. Partial wraps are a great way to add a little sizzle to your vehicle for a very low-cost. You can always add more detail later.

    High Quality, On Time, Great Design!
We wrap everything from cars, trucks, boats, trailers, walls, buildings and windows…
Drive business your way and decrease the cost of your current advertising efforts “Drastically”!
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