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Banners are the ideal solution for a wide range of signage needs, and it’s one of the best solutions for spurring impulse decisions. Promotional banners provide the advertising impact of a billboard at a fraction of the cost. 

Banners are also highly effective when used to complement or reinforce other advertising media, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of your advertising budget. Banners of all types have the advantage of being reusable, which makes them an ecologically friendly solution. They can be used indoors or out, and can be quickly changed out when needed.
​Banners, Signs, & Virtually anything wide-format.

Banners can be used for almost anything! But do note that we also print Window Graphics, Point of Sale Graphics, Mesh, just about any rigid substrate available, Vehicle Graphics, & various pressure sensitive Adhesive Vinyls.

We have both Solvent & UV print capabilities as well as Large Format And Flatbed also. We offer design & Installation.

You can select from a very wide variety of medias for your banner including: UNcoated matte, gloss, mesh, backlit, frontlit, blockout, and many more! All in crystal clear full color digital quality! We can print up to 192" by any size you could possibly need without seams and if a larger print is needed then we can weld the banners together to create virtually any size necessary.

We offer all types of finishing to a banner and, grommets being the most common and useful for hanging. We offer local pickup or we can ship banners anywhere in the World. We offer same day service and overnight shipping if needed.

Here are just a few reasons why you should work with us.

1.) Buy local Save Time and Money.
2.) Lightning Fast TurnAround Times.
3.) Work with an Expert not a Sales Rep.
4.) Provide the Highest Levels of Customer Service.
5.) Superior Quality & PMS Pantone Color Matching.

What are the main types of banners and flags?

Vinyl Banners – Vinyl banners have been mainstays of the advertising industry for the last fifty years. Advancements in electrostatic printing technology have made vinyl banners affordable for consumers and small businesses alike.
Banners constructed of vinyl, in comparison to other materials, are better suited to outdoor applications – though they certainly can be used indoors as well! Their resistance to moisture and weathering means they won’t fade as easily.
Vinyl cannot be folded like cloth and fabric materials, however; vinyl banners should be rolled or they will permanently crease.

Mesh Banners – Mesh banners are a subtype of vinyl banner. They are digitally printed in full-color using ten-ounce and eight-ounce vinyl. This type of banner is primarily used outdoors because of its wind resistance.
The mesh-like material is woven in a crisscross pattern, allowing air and sound to pass through.
This design prevents mesh banners from flying away in adverse weather conditions, as well as vibration-heavy environments (like concerts and festivals).
This type of material is crease-resistant and easy to store. A large fabric banner could be transported in the front passenger seat of your car, which is more than can be said for vinyl banners.
While they offer the highest quality images, they can fade under constant sunlight and run the risk of tearing in inclement weather.

Backlit and flexface banners - Backlit Banners are a great way to showcase your graphics at night time. The translucent material allows light to pass through from the backside of your banner, making your graphics come to life at night. Recommended to be used at nighttime with light box.

Step and Repeat Banners – You’ve likely seen these banners at star-studded events and promotional outings that have a large press presence. Journalists, PR representatives and photographers need a neutral background for a variety of purposes. Often, event holders will take advantage of this and use it as a branding opportunity. As a result, step and repeat banners feature a logo or design repeated along a single-color backdrop as a means of killing two birds with one stone – advertising and uniformity.

Retractable Banner Stand–   Usually printed on vinyl or fabric, the custom banner is stored in the base of the stand. When ready for display, you extend a pole, pull up the banner and attach it the pole. To take down the stand, you detach the banner from the pole. It gently winds down back into the base with a spring-loaded mechanism. Some retractable banner stands have cassettes that allow you to change out the banners; other retractable banner stands are intended for use with only one banner. 

Feather Flags – Also known as pennant banners, teardrop flags and roadside flags, feather flags are intentionally designed to flutter in the wind and grab the attention of passing motorists. They are printed in UV-ink and made of weather-resistant material so that they can be used in many outdoor applications. A fun and effective alternative to wayfinding and promotional signage, feather flags are utilized in locations as diverse as car dealerships and golf clubs.

Pole Banners – These pole-suspended signs hang above sidewalks, adding charm to walkable neighborhoods and ushering pedestrians into street-side businesses. Because of their positioning, pole banners have the advantage of extended visibility.

​What are the most common sizes of vinyl banners?

While custom vinyl banners can be produced in almost any size your application and budget allow, the most common sizes are two-feet vinyl banners, three-feet vinyl banners and four-feet vinyl banners. These dimensions refer to height. These standard-size vinyl banners can be printed just about as wide as you want them!
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Banners and Flags
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Consider these popular custom vinyl banner applications
Often used as advertising signs and business banners, Signs. Pro Sign creates custom banners in vinyl for many uses both indoors and outdoors:
Anniversary sign vinyl banners - Billboard vinyl banners - Birthday party vinyl banners - Building vinyl banners - City event vinyl banners - Company logo vinyl banners
Church event vinyl banners - Entertainment premiere vinyl banners - Event vinyl banners - Festival vinyl banners - Golf outing vinyl banners - Grand opening vinyl banners - Gym vinyl banners - New inventory vinyl banners - Now hiring vinyl banners - Outdoor advertising vinyl banners - Parade vinyl banners - Product launch vinyl banners - Real estate vinyl banners - Restaurant vinyl banners - Retail vinyl banners - Reunion vinyl banners - Roadside business vinyl banners - Special promotion vinyl banners - Table vinyl banners - Team vinyl banners - Trade show vinyl banners - Sale vinyl banners - School vinyl banners - Sports event vinyl banners
Stadium vinyl banners - Street vinyl banners - Welcome home vinyl banners
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Pro Signs offers installation for pretty much any Sign, Banner, or Vinyl. Superior Installation services, knowledgeable friendly and really good at installations. although Every job is different we strive for complete customer satisfaction which is always a #1 priority for us especially when we install. We work on a hourly base rate of $65.00 per hour per person plus materials or additional tools for the specific job. We can install any indoor or outdoor banner, sign, or vinyl at your request. 
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